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Mojang Joins Microsoft; Founders Notch, Carl, Jakob Leaving

Monday was a pretty big day if you are either a part of Microsoft or that of Mojang, as Microsoft purchased Mojang for a whopping sum of 2.5 billion dollars. This news came after recent rumors had been circulating of a supposed purchase by Microsoft. In the wake of the purchase, several high profile Mojang members have decided to move on from the company. Most notably are Markus “Notch” Persson Carl Manneh and Jakob Perser.

PAX PRime 2014- Bloodborne

During my time at PAX Prime 2014, I had the chance to play From Software’s Playstation exclusive Boodborne. From the trailers, Bloodborne looks to be very much in the same vein as it’s predecessors Demon Souls and Dark Souls. 


My time spent playing the game was relatively short. I began with choosing one of two predetermined load outs. One with the iconic saw weapon shotgun combination and the other an ax and pistol combo, myself, choosing the former.

Upon selecting my load out (the likes of which I assume were just for the simplicity of the demo) I was dropped into the world of Bloodborne. The cobble stone streets were tightly packed with the bodies of those taken by disease, hordes of crazed citizens roamed about wielding pitchforks and cleavers. I dodged attacks and sliced my way through the dim moon lit alleyways, admiring the level of detail that From Software has accomplished that created a constant twinge of fear that plagued my for the entirety of my game time. I made my way through several handfuls of crazed citizens and their zombie canines, using my shotgun to knockback any enemy who managed to get too close for comfort. Eventually I managed to reach a bridge which would serve as my future grave site. On the bridge stood two menacing werewolves, both of which moved too dodge repeatedly before running out of stamina. I managed to get several swings of my saw blade into one of the werewolves before it’s jaw clamped down our my shoulder and thereby resulting in my characters death, ending my time with Bloodborne.

Those who are looking for a game that will sate their want to die repeatedly will hopefully find what they are looking for in Bloodborne. From a gameplay perspective, Bloodborne is very similar to that of  Dark Souls. Utilizing light attacks with the right bumper and heavy attacks with the right trigger. What people will find that that differs from the usual Dark Souls combat formula is a new emphasis on speed. The slow methodical style of combat has been replaced with a faster and more arcade form of combat, if only slightly. Blocking attacks appears to be a thing of the past, as the left bumper now allow for instant ranged attacks from the shotgun that I had equipped or switching to a newly added ability to switch between “firing modes” for your main hand weapon. This allowed for the saw weapon to be instantly extended in a razor blade fashion, giving me the ability to use slower but stronger attacks.This new style of combat added a layer of frantic fun that I had never found in both Dark Souls and Dark Souls II due to my tendency to adhere to a more defensive strategy. 

For now, I would say that the time I spent playing Bloodborne has made me definitely want to play more, even though I am sure to die many times following Bloodborne’s February 5th, 2015 release date.

PAX Prime 2014 Cosplay   

I just wanted to give a huge shout out and thank you to the great people over at The Escapist Magazine. Not only did they choose my cosplay as Armani Iron Man as one of Saturday’s best, but they also linked my blog in the description. I couldn’t be more happy! Click the link to check out my cosplay, as well as the many other great cosplays seen at PAX Prime 2014.

Today, developer The Astronauts posted a gameplay video of their game The Vanishing of Ethan Carter; an adventure game that centers on the disappearance of a single boy and your attempt to find him. Along the way, your character Paul Prospero, with the help of his super natural abilities will solve puzzles and explore the area of Red Creek Valley.

The video shows off some of these abilities and the high level of visual fidelity of the game. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter hits PC this September 25th, followed by PS4 at some point in 2015.

Sunset Overdrive Xbox One Bundle

During Microsoft’s Gamescom press conference they announced a new bundle that will be coming later this year.

The new bundle will include a new white edition of the Xbox One and controller, which before had been reserved only for those who had helped develop the console called “I Made This” edition. The new bundle comes with the Day One edition download of Sunset Overdrive which includes several pieces of downloadable weaponry and outfits. The new bundle is now available for pre-order through multiple retailers like Amazon or Xbox and will be available October 28th, the same day as the Sunset Overdrive release.

One of the biggest surprises to come out of Gamescom 2014 thus far is the announcement of the next Silent Hill game, but it was not announced as most games tend to be. During Sony’s press conference on Tuesday, a new horror game called P.T. was announce from a new studio called 7780s Studios. With that announcement came news that the playable teaser demo was available to everyone on the Playstation Store to download and play. What many did not expect was that this new teaser was for something other than the aforementioned P.T.

Upon finishing the demo, in which there are some clever puzzles to figure out, a short clip rolls of a man walking into a burning town. The names Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro come on screen. The man in the video then turns around revealing the actor Norman Reedus of AMC’s The Walking Dead. The character then continues his walk into the burning city as the screen fades to white while the erie theme from the Silent Hill games starts to play and the title Silent Hills appears.

Kojima is famous for his bait and switches, just as the demo shows. The title P.T. has since been revealed to stand for “Playable Teaser”.

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